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about1Learn the critical elements of DCAA compliance from respected experts in the industry with many years of real-world government contracting experience. Do it right. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our 20+ years of experience in handling hundreds of DCAA audits will help you avoid common mistakes that can put your contract at risk.

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 Why train with the experts?

Most government contractors will undergo the following DCAA audits before the date of execution of the contact:

  • Cost Proposal Audit
  • Indirect Rate Proposal Audit
  • Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rate Audit
  • Forward Pricing Rate Audit
  • Financial Capability Audit
  • DCAA Pre-Award Audit

During the Period of Performance of the contract, most government contractors will experience the following DCAA audits:

  • Voucher Audit
  • Labor Floor Check Audit
  • Post Accounting Award Audit
  • Fiscal Year Indirect Rate Proposal Audit
  • Incurred Cost Proposal Audit

What happens if you don’t pass?

  • Loss of cash flow causing the company to downsize
  • Loss opportunity to a competitor
  • Loss of future opportunity with other customers
  • Loss of opportunity to commercialize technology
  • Delay of the start date of contract (if you fail, the DCAA requires a 6 month window to re-audit)

We make compliance simple with hands-on training to help you avoid common mistakes, pass your audit and keep your contract.



DCAA/FAR Compliance  Seminar 
August 22nd,  Denver, CO and Online

DCAA Government Cost Accounting Seminar-August 22nd, 2017 (Tuesday)


Indirect Rate Development, Incurred Cost Proposal & QuickBooks Seminar 
August 23rd, Denver, CO and Online

Indirect Rate Cost Development, Incurred Cost Proposal (ICE) & QuickBooks Seminar-August 23rd, 2017 (Wednesday)



June 2017

DCAA/FAR Compliance  Seminar  
June 20th Los Angeles, CA  

DCAA Government Cost Accounting Seminar-June 20th, 2017 (Tuesday)


Indirect Rate Cost Rate, Incurred Cost Proposal & QuickBooks Seminar  
June 21st Los Angeles, CA

Indirect Rate Development, Incurred Cost Proposal & QuickBooks Seminar-June 21st, 2017 (Wednesday)


Thank you for an excellent class. You did an excellent job with a complex, involved subject.

Raymond Wells Manager, Business Services The NASA Commercialization Center and AccelTech