Enjoy the benefits of cloud accounting:  

  1. Meet all the requirements of Department of Defense, NASA, and DOE Accounting Audits.
  2. The GovCon Connect Desktop and Online application is part of the Intuit Developer Network Program.
  3. Intuit has reviewed and approved GovCon's application and a developer since 2004. 
  4. Gov-Con has created a compliant solutions for both Desktop and Online versions.  Gov-Con is the only firm who has developed the "Know How" for QuickBooks Online Software for Government Cost Accounting in passing DCAA Audits
  5. Cloud Accounting Costs Less
  6. 24/7 Access (Compatible with Phones, Tablets, and Internet Access from any Computer)
  7. Teamwide Availablity
  8. Immediate Fixes
  9. Automatic back up and storage

QuickBooks Desktop/Online® won’t meet DCAA compliance regulations on its own.  Our thoroughly tested GovCon Connect™ APP has been proven to makes compliance easier by working with your existing QuickBooks® file to provide complete reporting.  Gov-Con is the only company who has an APP Solution for Government Contracts!

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  • Indirect Rate Calculations
  • Manage Budget vs. Actual Indirect Rates
  • Cost Management Reports for Program Managers (monitoring profitability and funding)
  • Allocation of indirect costs


 Electronic Timesheets

Your timekeeping will be put under close scrutiny during a government audit by the DCAA. Timekeeping is time consuming and easy to make simple mistakes. Our Electronic Timesheet software streamlines and simplifies timekeeping while significantly reducing the chances of an error.

  • Web-based, password protected portal accessible to all employees and supervisors
  • Simple timesheet entry for employees and a streamlined approval process for supervisors
  • Activity log that tracks all updates and changes to employees’ timecards
  • Timesheet digital signature ability
  • Mobile access using phone, tablets, or internet
  • Export function to enter timesheets into QuickBooks

Government Compliance Software

Completes the requirements of Federal Government Contracting REQUIREMENTS (DCAA/FAR)

Our expert team can work directly with you to seamlessly integrate GovCon Connect™ APP into your QuickBooks  Desktop orOnline accounting system. We take a comprehensive approach addressing all of the key elements including:

  • Chart of accounts
  • Cost accounting mapping for compliant reports
  • GAAP principles
  • Timekeeping/Labor Distribution/Payroll Reconciliation
  • Cost Management
  • ReportsIndirect Rate Calculations
  • Unallowable segregation

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Available Anywhere

We regularly work with clients across the country. Thanks to secure file sharing, video conferencing, telephone, and email, it’s like having a DCAA compliance expert right down the hall.

Gov-Con Solutions has proven to be an outstanding source for government accounting services. They provided us with the necessary tools to meet government accounting requirements for defense contracting and were key to our passing our first audit by the DCAA. We were able to provide the auditor with all the necessary documents quickly and accurately thanks their outstanding support. We highly recommend their services from both an economical and practical standpoint. Award of our first prime contract is eminent thanks to their expert guidance and advice.

JJ Kelley, CFO Tau Technologies, Inc. Albuquerque, NM