Indirect Cost Rate Forecasting allows your company to calculate your indirect rates in order to correctly establish provisional billing rates, Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rates and price Cost Proposals.

Our estimating tools will help you calculate your provisional Billing and Safe Harbor Indirect Cost Rates and estimate your future indirect rates in order to budget more accurately, create competitive cost proposals and win more Government contracts.

We offer two Estimating models:

  • Indirect Cost Tool for Pre-Award audits, Annual Indirect Cost Rate negotiations, and Establishing a Safe Harbor Indirect Rate. This allows you to know exactly what indirect rates you should be using for invoicing billing rates and pricing future costs proposals.
  • Forward Pricing Rates for firm fixed priced proposals. Our forward pricing rate model will estimate indirect rates for a firm fixed price proposal (for the period of performance of your contract). The DCAA will ask for this when evaluating the rates included on the cost proposal. Our budget extends 5-10 years of estimating calculations.

Contact us to review your budget before your DCAA audit.

Gov-Con Solutions has proven to be an outstanding source for government accounting services. They provided us with the necessary tools to meet government accounting requirements for defense contracting and were key to our passing our first audit by the DCAA. We were able to provide the auditor with all the necessary documents quickly and accurately thanks their outstanding support. We highly recommend their services from both an economical and practical standpoint. Award of our first prime contract is eminent thanks to their expert guidance and advice.

JJ Kelley, CFO Tau Technologies, Inc. Albuquerque, NM