Gov-Con Solutions will work with your team to establish indirect rates to provide full cost recovery needed to operate and grow the business.

gc-article-calcThis includes calculating prior years' indirect rates, provisional (budgeted) billing rates for invoicing, and forward pricing rates (to price proposals).

Indirect rates are the key ingredient in performing on Government contracts. Contractors need to have the tools necessary to establish and monitor its indirect rates. Whether you are bidding on a Firm Fixed Price Contract or a Flexibility Price Contract, indirect rates need to be established for the company you are today and tomorrow. Cost recovery on your contracts is vital in commercializing your technology and growing your business.

Gov-Con Solutions has budget templates that estimate your target indirect rate for proposals and invoicing. Cost type contracts require contractors to monitor their actual indirect rates on a real time basis to their budgeted indirect rates. This is crucial in monitoring cost over/under-runs on flexibility type contracts and projects. Cutting a check to the Government at the end of the fiscal year can place much strain on cash flow for any business if you overrun your contract.

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Jennifer Velvick had an immediate positive impact on our organization. Interactions with both DCAA and DCMA were smooth and effective. We had no difficulty completing audits and the indirect rates established for our government contracts allowed full recovery of our costs. I recommend Jennifer and her company without reservation.

Stanley Borys, CEO International Titanium Powder, LLC Chicago, IL