Gov-Con Solutions offers a complete package for companies entering into a pre-award audit by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

If you have an audit coming up and don't know where to start, we offer everything you need to become DCAA compliant:

  • Time Keeping System (includes policies and procedures)
  • Adequate Accounting Program (includes accounting policies and procedures)
  • Policies and Procedures required by the DCAA.
  • Indirect Rate Proposal for negotiation of billing rates.
  • Expert Consulting to perform a quick installation and deliver a complete financial package
  • Expert Support for DCAA's on-site visit

Below are just some of the main compliance issues on the DCAA Audit Checklist. If you're not sure what they mean or whether or not your company is adequate in these areas, call us and request a free quote:

  • Chart of Accounts that segregates Direct, Indirect and Unallowable Costs
  • Job Cost Pools and Allocation Bases
  • Indirect Rate Computations
  • Cost Management Report
  • Monitoring 75% Limitation Rule
  • Timekeeping System that meets FAR Labor Distribution Requirements
  • Complete Payroll Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of direct, indirect, and labor allocations
  • Transaction Testing (GAAP Principals, Unallowable Segregation)

Your excellent communication skills helped us to understand the fundamentals of accounting requirements. You provided the support that enabled us to pass the government audit without difficulty!

Ella Makarkina, Treasurer Spectral Imaging Laboratory Los Angeles, CA